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Author Topic: [Release][1.5.1] Forge 1.5.1- - backport of 1.5.2 Forge to 1.5.1  (Read 6493 times)


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License: MMPL and LGPL

This is an experimental backport of Forge 7.8.0 from Minecraft 1.5.2, to Minecraft 1.5.1.

You can use it with the MCPC+ 1.5.x compatibility builds ("C" build numbers, built from 1.5.2 but reobfuscated to 1.5.1 for compatibility) on the server-side. Install this mod on the client-side, for compatibility with (some) newer mods requiring Forge 7.8.0, which is normally only available on Minecraft 1.5.2 (last official release for 1.5.1 is Forge

Not all mods will be compatible, but if you try to install a srgnames-obfuscated ("version-independent") mod on 1.5.1 and receive an error about Forge being outdated, you can try this backported version. I intend to maintain it as long as the corresponding MCPC+ 151compat builds, or until sufficiently many mods updated to 1.5.2 so it is no longer necessary.

Any problems with this backport, please post here (only).


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WOW, awesome work man!
This need be posted on